Shoutbox Rules


We have finally have a Shoutbox!

To Register a account, click on ‘Set Name’ on the bottom right hand side, and enter in the details.

No Spamming

You can’t spam, if you get caught spamming, you will be warned. If you continue spamming after that warning, you will receive a ban.

No Advertising

You may share links to do with private servers, but you can’t send links that have nothing to do with CPPS’.

Common Sense 

Use your brain.

No impersonation 

You can’t impersonate other people, if you have been impersonated, contact Robot2 on: and I will deal with the impersonator.

No Sexual acts

You can’t have conversations about sexual activity.

No swearing 

You can swear, but not major swear words.

Have fun!

The shoutbox isn’t a scary place, have fun talking to your friends.


Kind Regards,

– Robot2

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