Bellow is a list of private server’s which are currently online! They do not contain viruses and are safe and fun! They are all 100% tested. All Cpps’ listed bellow are currently Online.

Cpps List last updated: Friday June 15th 2012

Name:  Atlantic Penguin

Status:  Online

Play:  http://atlanticpengu.in/play/

Register:  http://atlanticpengu.in/register/

Home:  http://atlanticpenguin.com/

Name:  Matt’s Private Server

Status:  Online

Play:  http://mattscpps.sytes.net/play/

Register:  http://mattscpps.sytes.net/register.php

Home:  http://mattscpps.sytes.net/


Name: Pengminal

Status:  Online

Play:  http://pengminal.zapto.org/play/

Register:  http://pengminal.zapto.org/register/

Home:  http://pengminal.zapto.org/


Name:  Club Puffle

Status:  Online

Play:  http://play.clubpuffle.info/

Register:  Register Not Found ( please explore the play page)

Home: http://www.clubpuffle.info/


Name:  Pengable

Status:  Online

Play:  http://play.pengable.com/

Register:  https://secure.pengable.com/register/

Home:  http://pengable.com/

Account Upgrades:  https://secure.pengable.com/manage/login.php


Name:  Your Club Penguin

Status:  Online

Play:  http://yourclubpengu.in/play

Register:  http://yourclubpengu.in/register

Home:  http://yourclubpengu.in/


Name:  Penguin United

Status:  Online

Play:  http://play.penguinunited.info/

Register:  http://penguinunited.info/register/

Home:  http://penguinunited.info/

Upgrades:  http://penguinunited.info/store.html


Name:  Club Penguin: Your Server

Status:  Online

Play:  http://cpcheatscp.com/play

Register:  http://cpcheatscp.com/register

Home:  http://cpcheatscp.com/


Name:  Cpps.Me

Status: Unexpected Downtime

Play:  http://cpps.me/play/

Register:  https://www.secure.cpps.me/?page=reg

Home: http://cpps.me/index.php


Above is a list of Club Penguin Private Servers which are Online as of 12/6/2012 !

– Written by Robot2  –

Have a cpps which is not listed above? Comment bellow and tell us the play, register, and homepage link.  If the cpps has a forum, list that also! Remember: The cpps must be online! 

Know a cpps which is online? Don’t hesitate! Comment bellow, you must include: Homepage/Blog link, Play link & Register link.

More Private server’s will be added to the list soon when they release!

– Robot2

Intend of copying this list? You MUST ask permission into copying this, by asking in the comments. If you do get approved of copying, you must give credit to CPPS_HQ & Robot2. If you get caught copying this above list without permission. A C&D will be handed out and if will have to be removed within 48 hours of the C&D, or we will take legal/illegal precautions. 

Have fun playing CPPS’!

– Robot2

46 Responses to CPPS List

  1. Popbojo says:

    wow nice job dude your amazing at this! i didint kow half of these exsicted

  2. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that I’ve truly enjoyed browsing your weblog posts. After all I will be subscribing on your rss feed and I’m hoping you write again soon!

  3. BOXICdog91 says:

    your lying just so we can MUCK AROUND!!

  4. Robot2 says:

    SORRY! The list hasn’t been updated.

  5. Robot2 says:

    Ok guys! The new CPPS List has just been published!

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  7. snapitzlady says:

    by the way the link to realcp isnt working

  8. iZane says:

    Penguin Safari Is up.
    Homepage: PenguinSafari.in
    Play: PenguinSafari.in/play
    Register: PenguinSafari.in/register

  9. Robot2 says:

    @iZane Penguin Safari is down again, but Thanks for the notification!
    @snapitzlady, Thanks for the comment! It has been removed off the list, along with a load more.

    @Everyone else, the list has been updated once again!{12/6/12} Enjoy (:

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  11. lalal3 says:

    CCPS.me currently isn’t loading anything and, yeah. I think it was unhacked but isn’t working right now….. 😦

  12. italics XD says:

    cpps.me lo cerraron 😦 encima tenia un monton de cosas re chetas ay XD XD pero que maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal pusieron un blog en cpps.me . todos los de la lista no andan 😦 😦 😦 😦 pero seguire buscando :8

  13. orange11112 says:

    someone a cpps link so i can register and play for it

  14. orange11112 says:

    sorry its someone give me a cpps so i can register and play on it

  15. cowman10 says:

    Awesome Great Idvice

  16. joegent says:


  17. update the list i wanna play pengable i never played it before update it reply me if you did

  18. icheatoncp says:

    Hey dont forget MassacreCPPS http://masscpps.tk

  19. Cpps tracker says:

    Is really cool!

  20. Taya says:

    Matts cpps is offline

  21. Taya says:

    should i keep track of the cpps if there offline?

  22. Taya says:

    oh pengable has the development

  23. Taya says:

    heyy some of the websites are broken and offline

  24. Finder says:

    Hello . I have found a cool CPPS . Please add it on the list !

    website : http://ucpps.blogspot.com/
    play : http://mycp.ps/play.php?id=4377
    register : http://mycp.ps/index.php?area=register

  25. Taya says:

    Yea Pengable has Devloment

  26. Taya says:

    OMG, guys, I’ve just got my free Minecraft giftcode!

    >> Minecraftgiftcodes.me <<

  27. same says:

    all of the servere are offline go get a good service.

  28. spockiggy says:

    None work!!
    matts cpps works but there juust giving nameglow to everyone who plays.
    their in development.

  29. Robot2 says:

    This blog is now closed. Speedy CPPSHQ is the replacement of this.

  30. Nikki says:

    Just to ask… What’s the new website for CPYS?
    A.S.A.P. Thanks!

  31. I really Believe article, “CPPS List | CLOSED” ended up being fantastic!

    I reallycould not see eye to eye along with you more!
    Finally appears like I reallycame across a weblog worth reading.
    Thanks for the post, Edwina

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  33. thinknoodles says:

    cpps elite

  34. Marilyn says:

    I actually would like to book mark this article, “CPPS List | CLOSED” Panel Curtains on my personal web site.
    Will you mind in the event I reallydo it? Thx ,Phoebe

  35. sandr says:

    yo se otra es cpys se registran y despues ponen todo en lo que an puesto en el registro

  36. t0715 says:

    Hurrah! In the end I got a webpage from where I be capable of in fact get valuable information regarding my study and knowledge.

  37. robbie says:

    pengminal is closed not open and btw u missed one

  38. Ostifax says:

    It is PenguinUnited. Not PengUnited. And the links are wrong.

    Home: http://penguinunited.net
    Play: http://penguinunited.net/?page_id=2
    Register: http://penguinunited.net/?page_id=9

  39. junie17125 says:

    Epic CPPS, it is way better than CPPS.me, it is Mirai.so

  40. virtualpengu.in

    Registration Link: http://virtualpengu.in/

    The play link is the same as the Registration Link

  41. Eva George says:

    Lovely just what I was looking for. Thanks to the author for taking his time on this one.

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