‘Cheekyjay’ & ‘Ashley’ Proves False allegations of Pengable’s Recent Insecurities

Hello guys,


Firstly read these two posts about Pengable, which were made by ‘CPPSHQ’ (cppshq.com):



Now, these two posts are completely false as stated by ‘Pengable’, instead of me explaining this, this is what the Owner of ‘Pengable’ had to say:

“I would like to address today a post made by CheekyJay, an author of CPPSHQ.com, who alleged that explicit content was screened to approximately 50 users on Pengable on Saturday. It’s a blunt lie and wrongful defamation of Pengable.com, and we even took time out of our busy schedules to investigate the allegation by CheekyJay. We are excited to announce that we have completed the investigation and we have determined that CheekyJay and her “friend” are responsible for slander — the action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person’s or business’s reputation. I will reveal our findings below, as well as address some of the statements she made within her post.

  • CheekyJay’s (fake Skype message?): We have been unable to reach the owner of the Skype Account: PinkyNight, which leads us to believe that the message displayed on CPPSHQ is completely bogus.
  • Connection Lost Message: We have logs of everything that happens on Pengable, so finding what we needed didn’t take long. The Pengable Logs reveal that during the time CheekyJay4 was on Pengable, no malformed packets (to display such SWFs/Images) were displayed on Pengable. In addition, the servers never lost connection and CheekyJay4 never lost connection, which obviously reveals that the second photo on CPPSHQ has been EDITED. If you look closely at this image, you should be able to notice how the connection lost glow has been malformed, which proves that CheekyJay4 (or one of her friends) edited the screen to defame Pengable.
  • Bot Message: CheekyJay4 claims that our bot, Pengable, said, “5 4 3 2 1.” Cool, except the logs reveal that our bot did NOT broadcast this message to anyone on Pengable, so I’d love for here her side of the story for this so called “bot message.”
  • No Angry Penguins: I would also like to point out that on the first photo on CPPSHQ (I do not want to upload that specific photo onto the Pengable Blog), no one was screaming or wrecking havoc about this so called “hack” on Pengable. It’s becoming even more unreal now, right? I hope you agree.
  • Email Activation: It’s obviously up for discussion and I’d like to explain why we require that all accounts be activated by Email. Pengable is a huge target for spammers and by requiring users to activate their accounts via Email, we have effectively reduced the number of spam accounts being created on Pengable. It may not reduce spam completely, but statistics show that spammers only account for a small percentage of users on Pengable. In addition, Email Activation allows for a better user experience, as we have less users who use vulgar language and violate the rules of Pengable, at least compared to other Club Penguin Private Servers.
  • Selling Information: CheekyJay4 made a huge allegation that we [the Pengable Team] may sell your Email Addresses and Passwords. It’s completely bogus and she (and others) are simply trying to defame Pengable. I assure you that your Email Address, Password (ENCRYPTED), and IP Address are safe with Pengable. In fact, the only two people who have access to such data are Admin and Graser.
  • Pengable Logs: I have attached the logs for the duration that CheekyJay4 was on Pengable during Saturday. I have censored out all IP Addresses, except for CheekyJay’s IP Address — we don’t like her. View Logs HERE.

I have proven the CPPSHQ Team and CheekyJay to be reckless and responsible for libel, and I have also filed a legal petition (for copyright) to have the post removed from CPPSHQ. It could take a few days, because CPPSHQ.com hides behind Cloudflare, who works with hosting providers directly to resolve takedown notices (or DMCAs). If you have any additional questions or conerns, please let us know by sending an email to support AT pengable DOT com.”

Other blogs posted responses to this, this post was made me ‘PinguAlex’ on the blog ‘CPPSHub’:

“May I re-correct Ashley, that Pengable MIGHT be just a little out of hand. Pengable only has rubbish employees/moderators. That’s all that’s bad. This is my opinion: I am saying that Cheekyjay’s post was fake. The picture was fake. No one was panicking in the picture. They are jealous of Pengable, they want you guys to visit CPPS.me. I don’t know about you, but this is what I think. If you visit blog.pengable.com, you will find more information. Pengable is fine. I hate to say this again, but CPPS.me never had 100,000 users in the first place. It had 50,000. The IDs and stuff. I think that’s all I need to say.”

Everyone is now confused, could this be true? It may seem true but is it really? Well, we will wait for responses from Cheekyjay & Ashley.

Kind Regards,

– Robot2

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