PWv2 Disappears, goes into long downtime, Summit bites the dust & Pengable Hacked!

Hello everyone,

Well this isn’t a very positive post.

Penguin World v2 has just been released out of beta testing mode to the public a few days ago, which their website was ‘’. Today when I was going onto their site, I noticed this:

Well, Yesterday I was speaking to the Owner ‘Logan’ and he told me about a game he was creating. He was looking for coders & designers, so this must be ‘Blob Land’. The odd thing about this is that the blog, play page, register and other elements of Penguin World have vanished by having ‘404 errors’ replacing the pages. The staff and users must be confused, and we are very unsure if Penguin World will be returning.

The most popular cpps’ of all, “” has just come out of a long downtime, but sadly as soon as it came out of the downtime, it went back into downtime. Apparetnly they are working on a newer version of called “ v2”. We are looking forward to this, and wonder how it will turn out. Here is what d0pe had to say:

“ has been in a decline recently, and really guys,we can’t let that fly.

This is what our plan was. I think it’s wise to stick to that. I’m going to keep this short, but things are going to get better, but to get better, things have to go bad for a little while. That badness has got to come now so we can get it out of the way.

We’re going to up our game (ha, pun intended), but to do that, we’ve got to go away for a little while. I’m not going to promise we’ll be back in the next few days or something, because that’d be unfair, but when we do come back, it’ll be better than ever.

We will see you soon. This is not the end. Be prepared for, second edition.”

Mixed emotions from all users. Well it’s not all over, a user has made a ‘paste html’ of the game. So you can still play, and still interact with all your friends. You can play here:

Here is what the PasteHTML version of looks likes:

Tip: “Gangstas Paradise” is the most popular server on right now.

This is what it looks like:

Don’t forget to spread the word about’s alternate play page, to get your friends on! (:

The downside to this page is that, if your account did have a register bug (a bug which doesn’t let you login) your account won’t let you login for this alternative page. Also you cannot register new accounts to this play page, as it has no register and’s owners have closed the database, to disallow new registers.

Moving on-wards with this long post, a cpps which many people loved, has come to a sad end. The popular cpps called ‘Summit’ has ended. This cpps has been up for months, and had very high standard staff along with customs. It is such a sad shame, and maybe hopefully in the future there might be a Summit v2 who knows? Here is what the play page looks like:

 Summit’s Play page says ‘Closed’ and is replaced with an xat chat. But there is still alot of people returning to the website. So if you are a summit fan, you may return to the website/xat, and share your experiences, or ask any questions or concerns that you may have about Summit or just catch up with your friends.

A newly popular cpps called “Pengable” has yet again been hacked. The main owner of this cpps called “Admin” has been hacked by some unknown users. This game is now very insecure, and is now being targeted by a certain number of hacking groups. As this cpps requires email activation, and is attracting hundreds of children daily this is creating a higher risk of the database being leaked. This is not the first time Pengable has been hacked, last month a user hijacked a moderator account and was using the !open command to open in-appropriate swf/gif files, these pictures included disgusting pictures of people nude. I strongly advise you all to not play Pengable, as it’s a high security risk of you being exposed to such material. Here is a screenshot of the material being shown, this picture was taken by ‘Cheekyjay‘ who saw this happening, he has edited it to make it less disturbing:

If your still reading, thank you.

Kind Regards,


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