Matt’s Private Server

Hey there,

We have another great Cpps in our hands, it’s called “Matt’s Private Server”.

This Cpps had been up for approximately a month which is owned by ‘xmatth13’.

It’s currently celebrating “The Marvel Super Hero Takeover Party” and they are currently adding items and costumes.

They currently have plenty awesome party rooms, and here are a quite a lot to share:

Amazing rooms (:

The staff are not bad, and it hardly has any downtime.

Quick note: Don’t forget to grab the Beta Hat (!ai 413) before they patch it on the 21st of June!

Here are the links:




King Regards,

– Robot2

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7 Responses to Matt’s Private Server

  1. It has been closed for a long time now…

  2. Liza Curinto says:

    I like this post i really appreciates all of this .I will share this to my friends

    Best regards,
    Liza Curinto
    vps forex

  3. Remember there is a lot more than the straightforward sexual aspect.

  4. dddddoo says:

    wow ad finder? So cool. :/

  5. Beta says:

    Can i play it on iPad mini ? Please someone tell me <\3

  6. Sarah88 says:

    it keeps on syaing bad request, WHY WHY WHY

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