Introducing Club Penguin: Your Server!


Now the following Cpps I am about to share, is truly amazing.

It’s called ‘CPYS‘ which stands for: “Club Penguin: Your Server“.

It’s owned by ‘Tooly228‘ and ‘Cool Boy 714‘, and designed by ‘Kangaroo‘ and ‘Manny‘. This cpps has custom items and rooms, and is slowly gaining popularity.

This cpps has Two feature custom rooms, and one minor custom room.

The Major custom rooms are:

– The Dock

– The Town

& The Minor custom room is:

– The Ice Berg

Here are the major custom rooms:

The Dock:

The Town:

One word, Amazing.

Next, this Cpps contains custom colour’s and a few items which are bellow:

The ID’s for these amazing colour’s are:

16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21.

The two custom Item’s are:

The Red bunny hat, which the ID is 140 

And, the Teal Hoodie, which the ID is 141 

There is many more hidden custom items, which are replaced with ID’s, like dark blue special hoodie, or the custom blue St Patrick’s Day Clover pin, even a blue and white beta hat along with a blue and white beta hat shirt.

Edit: CPYS has launched three beta items which are available as item ID’s: 1192, 4153 & 549.

The downside of this cpps, is that it is lacking on commands, and has no bot. Surprisingly Igloos do work, and you can add furniture items using the !af (ID) command.







Kind Regards,


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  1. CLARA1238 says:

    mas codes codes,codigos,codes 😦

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