Breaking News! – UP Hacked!

Greetings everyone,

Now many of you may have heard of a cpps called “Ultimate Penguin”, which was brought back after months of downtime.

The domain & website has been hacked by: “d0pe & his team”.

Here is the message left by the hackers:

(click image to enlarge image)

This is what it says:


privilege escalate to root [x]
re-r00t that box [x]
find ‘secret’ files [x]
deface that box [x]

seems like you got hacked and defaced by #ircX and the team
have you ever thought about consequences?
we don’t think so, but everyone has to learn things the hard way.”

Seems like the owner: “Indulgentu” must have done something to anger/upset d0pe & his ircX team.

Now we are unsure if this could be a prank by the owner “Indulgentu” or a very serious matter.

One thing is for sure is we will be definitively be following this matter up, and try to get in contact with d0pe & Indulgentu.

Here is Ultimate Penguin’s current website:

The game will be down until further notice.

In other news.. has been down again for a few hours, but will be up very soon. Also, the cpps: “cCPPS” has domain error’s so it will be down until they pay their domain fees.



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