Sorry once Again.


Now I know that Popbojo has closed the site. But, I will remain posting when I have time. I’m extremely sorry that I haven’t been posting for the last couple months, as I have been pressed for time.

Now about the CPPS List, I know many of you have been complaining that none of the cpps’ work on this list, Im really sorry, I had no time to update it. This update will happen over the next up-coming days.

The Header is terrible, really sorry that I put that there, as the old header was removed by a staff member. I will change it to something more appealing to the viewers.

More things to expect:

  • More pages
  • Xat Chat
  • Shoutbox
  • Official Email
  • Competitions
  • More interaction with users
  • Our own CPPS
  • Gadgets
  • Different website themes
  • Frequent Posts
  • More authors
  • 100 times more fun!



Friday 20 April 2012

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