CPPS.me’s downtime.

Hey guys,

A popular cpps called “CPPS.me” is currently down, now it’s been expected  to be down for 12+ Hours. The current cause is unknown, as none of the owners or staff have been online.

Tension & Rage has sparked the cpps.me’s xat, and many people are un-certain on what’s going on.

Nothing to fear! CPPS.me’s server’s will be switched back on by the current owner ‘d0pe’ in the next few hours. In the meantime, you can’t play or Register for the game, although you may hang around their xat chat, which is located right under the game.

Downtime is not common on cpps.me, as it’s the #1 CPPS online at the moment. Updates will be posted by d0pe on their Facebook & Twitter.

Website: cpps.me



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One Response to CPPS.me’s downtime.

  1. kapo12340 says:

    buscame en cp duki34

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