CPx3 ends,SolarCP Begins!

Hi guys!

Now I know many of you has heard of the cpps called ‘CPx3’ (Penguin Cube version 3) well that has closed.

But it has opened another cpps, called SolarCP.

The owner’s are the same, the staff is different. Lot’s of people didn’t like CPx3’s old staff as they were abusing power’s, and giving the cpps a bad name, well that has now changed, with the removal of some of the old staff.

Tent and Nuke currently own this cpps, and it’s running on the iCPPS Source, it also has a custom furniture add-in, and penguin cube shirt. Igloo’s work, and so does most/all of player card items.


Furniture Add-In Interface:

As you can see, this cpps has no Bot, but it’s pretty good.


Home: http://solarcp.info/

Play: http://cpx3.sytes.net/solarcp/Play.html

Register: http://cpx3.sytes.net/solarcp/Register.html

Please note: This cpps is very purple!

– Robot2


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  1. como entro ala pagina

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