Quitting ;3

Hello ;3 Im quitting CPPS’… im not gunna get arested for playing a fake cp… ill just stick to normal cp… btw my xat acc is  Bigfoot49211 (258291440) and my screename is ̶̶๖̶B҉!ĞF๏๏T (as of 12/18/11) 😉 bye 4eva pplz ;3

About ››Bigƒσσтs

i luv cppses, blogging, and making youtube videos... ;D
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One Response to Quitting ;3

  1. Curt225 says:

    True dat! I ain’t gonna get arrested for playing a fake CP…. goodbye people I know…
    -Curt225 (Signing off as Curt3333)

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