JungleCP dead: JungleCPv2 BORN

I decided something. JungleCP itsself is dead. I can’t be bothered anymore. MY CODER QUIT. I got a new 1…. who thinks he’s cool. SO GUESS WHAT… HE CAN KEEP THE SERVER. I don’t do stupid things now. I am making JungleCPv2.
3.Conker if he wants
4. Doongy
5. FaZe
(me and Choc are included but not shown and counted as this)
I don’t care anymore.
PEOPLE GOT ANNOYED CUZ THEY “DIDN’T GET MOD” or “I didn’t get my rank”
It was beta. So yeah I left JCP.
Jcp site link coming soon

About curt3333

I am Director C/ Curt3333. I am a kid who loves action and club penguin. I dont bite... just tickle ;-)
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2 Responses to JungleCP dead: JungleCPv2 BORN

  1. nicholas1112 says:

    May I please be a staff position? The highest one right now please 🙂

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