JungleCP launch-Followed by turn off xD

OK… Good news… MY CPPS JungleCP has launched.We have a problem with staff,but we closed because staff wouldn’t get along… PLEASE CONKER… I beg you! Log us on again.
OK BTW JungleCP’s links are gonna be put up tomoz.Bye


About curt3333

I am Director C/ Curt3333. I am a kid who loves action and club penguin. I dont bite... just tickle ;-)
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7 Responses to JungleCP launch-Followed by turn off xD

  1. dosha909 says:

    guys please add me back to the list Im sorry I didnt say “i” instead of “I” So can you forgive me and add me back to the List?

    Curt225: Uhh Dosha? You didn’t get kicked off because of spelling,it was because Rafi had a backup site and he used it… you joined staff late…so go to the CPPSHQ applier,and yeah just apply again!

    • dosha909 says:

      Umm..I thought someone from here sent me an E-mail saying to improve my spelling and not say “i” :S the E-mail sender was Cppshqcontact@gmail.com… Weird..
      And I Have 1 more questions : where’s the CPPSHQ applier? (or if bigfoot reads this can he add me back?)

      • curt225 says:

        I aint quite sure… but that is the email of bigfoot… so resend and get every word right… then he may add you back.

  2. Tosh says:

    but wTF man add me as well and there is no apply page where it is 🙂

  3. dosha909 says:

    Ok dude, Your grammar is TERRIBLE, I mean come on. How old are you and have you even learnt grammar? Ok, ok, Heres a tip: When you type something for a comment or for a post you will see a red dotted line in the word you spelt incorrectly and right click that and at the top of the Menu Bar you will see the correct word instead of the incorrect word you typed, I hope you Re-Apply using GOOD grammar! 😀

    • nicholas1112 says:

      Yeah, Where is the APPLY page? The thingy mabob = Applier sucks! I think I have pretty good grammar and he says my grammar is the worst grammar he has ever seen! 😦 Tosh’s grammar is TERRIBLE compared to mine. (no offence)

  4. nicholas1112 says:

    🙂 Tosh learn’t good grammar 🙂

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