uCPPS hacked

Hello penguins.

ucpps has been hacked or should you guys say DDoSed by iCold.

i was there and what i say was this:

iCold: Give me mod

Alex: no

iCold :give me mod or ill DDoSe this cpps!

Alex: i will hack you if you DDoSe the cpps!

then suddenly the connection was lost and thats when i realized iCold just DDoSed the server :/

P.S. :  Alex is just a friend of mine

P.S.S : im Glamz in uCPPS my username in wordpress is Dosha909 😉

About dosha909

I Love To Design Any cpps Or Any awesome games ;)
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2 Responses to uCPPS hacked

  1. toshko98usa says:

    GUYS ADD ME ON THE SITE PLEASE her is my mail again D toshko98usa@abv.bg DDDDDD

  2. Robot2 says:

    I hardly think Icold could do such a thing.

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