nCPPS update and pictures!



The CPPS works! Normally if it worked I would let you guys play+register, but then hamachi started acting up and failed. Right now my main priority is to make sure it works. Then to add features. I made a list of upcoming features!
nCPPS features:
Colored/Coloured names (working!)
PM system
Mod panel
Player Panel

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4 Responses to nCPPS update and pictures!

  1. toshko98usa says:

    wow you got lego uniferse hey i got lego uniferse as well we can play multiplayer on it somday also i got the founder items on it !!!

  2. toshko98usa says:

    i live in usa but i have scholl on monday huh so i cannt come to the party or opeing of the server

  3. dosha909 says:

    AWESOME CPPS! i hope i earn staff on it!
    +this cpps is really awesome! NO REALLY i have never seen something so amazing in my cpps life! xD

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