nCPPS Announcement!

Hey All!

Im Proud to announce that the opening of the nCPPS website is now publicly available! by clicking HERE, you have access to the rep system, regiser, and more! Me and rafi are working hared to make sure this CPPS and its site both turn out the best!

Rafipenguin: I sent you an email for wordpress. And actually, you didn’t do anything yet XD.

Bigfoot49211: lol i hate 2 dmit it, but idk how to make a cpps xD!

Rafipenguin: :/
Ok then???? XD

About ››Bigƒσσтs

i luv cppses, blogging, and making youtube videos... ;D
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One Response to nCPPS Announcement!

  1. toshko98usa says:

    wow make me mod or stall leader or med idk -tosh

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