New CPPS Idea

Hey All! I’ve Been Thinking, and i think the WHOLE CPPSHQ Staff(beta team) should make a cpps… Other staff members, comment below with your thoughts! ;D


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i luv cppses, blogging, and making youtube videos... ;D
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3 Responses to New CPPS Idea

  1. Rafipenguin says:

    Im not sure:
    1. It will most likely epicly fail
    2. Pgees stole customs, which got penguin flood dead

  2. curt225 says:

    AdventureCP? or Penguin Adventure as the names?
    I actually got a list of names xD
    They are:
    Penguin Galaxy
    Server Z (this is a lame name rofl)
    And Joker Penguin 😉
    Hope I get picked xD

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