I’m back!

Hey guys, some of you guys remember me from the old CPPS_HQ, but then someone hacked my account and beniu deleted me to be safe, well im back!

BTW: I really, really don’t like Pgees, wait YOU MADE HIM AN ADMIN EVEN THOUGH HE STOLE CUSTOMS FROM WHICH GOT OUR CPPS HACKED! This is messed up.

Bigfoot49211 Edit: actualy rafi, it was fake Pgees who did that…
Rafipenguin: Really, how come you fired him above then…

Bigfoot49211: because he was inactive, like garfield…

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2 Responses to I’m back!

  1. Bigfoot49211 says:

    rafi, do u wanna make a cpps with meh? reply to this comment saying yesh or no and if yes, with the cpps name and stuff… ;D


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